“I don’t know anything about art.”

That’s the most common thing people say to Vincent. Followed by; “but I know what I like!”

It was a conversation like this that led to this exciting new collection from Internationally recognized artist Vincent Devine. A client came to Vincent with a request, her two friends were GAA obsessed and she wanted something out of the norm from a framed jersey. She approached Vincent with this and not one to be deterred by a challenge he took the project on. Using his Ambigutree Series he deconstructed the Dublin GAA crest and produced the painting below.

The Crest series seeks to merge long established identities and symbols and deconstruct and translate them to fine art. Two things that are scarcely compared in the same arena are art and sports. Vincent in this series seeks to combine the two to show art can be a vessel to communicate anything symbolically. The result is what you see in the Sports Crests Series, a reimagining of the one thing that brings people together nationally, Sports.

The trees carry a sense of permanence, that even after things are long gone their memories remain. By using symbols in the sporting world it secures this permanence and the unity we experience at matches.

For the initial print run Vincent has focused on the four Provinces of Ireland; Leinster, Connacht, Ulster and Munster.

Coming Soon,

The County Crest Series,

Here Vincent will create a collection of Count Sports Crests in his unique style of deconstruction

About Vincent Devine

Vincent has a BA Hons Degree in Visual Communications. In 2008 he began to paint independent of his studies to explore his painterly side outside of academia. A unique style quickly emerged, which Vincent has nurtured throughout the years to create a visual style that stands on its own.

His work has been lauded by huge stars such as Shakira, Will.I.Am, Alanis Morissette and J.K Rowling to name a few and he has had work commissioned by Tyra Banks, Roisin Murphy, Iggy Azalea and has had his work feature on Madonna’s “Rebel Heart Tour” and Debbie Harry’s Autobiography “Face It”.

Vincent has exhibited internationally including shows in Hong Kong, Toronto, Miami and The Uk and Ireland extensively. In 2018 Vincent had a sellout show of the Irish debut of his new Manifesto work (Neo-Dimensionism) to one of Ireland’s most prominent collectors. His new work will be explored under the umbrella term “Neo-Dimensionism” and seeks to visually explain the inexplicable, paint the unpaintable. He will produce this work in tandem with his hugely popular and unique “Ambigutree Series” which has garnered huge interest both nationally and internationally.